Daily Archives: 04/02/2022

#98: Participation Fee as the Prize in a Competition

Question: Is it permissible to use the participation fee of the competition to buy the [...]

#97: Mistakenly Bought Gold Involves in Usury

Question: What is the status of the gold I’ve mistakenly bought for it involves usury [...]

#96: Settling Debt using Prohibited Money

Question: Is it permissible to settle one’s debt using prohibited money such as from the [...]

#95: Unable to Repay One’s Debt

Question: What is the ruling for a debtor who isn’t able to settle his debts? [...]

#94: Failed to Fulfil the KPI

Question: Is it considered as breaking one’s trust if one fails to fulfil the KPI [...]

#93: The Imam Announcing Assolatul Jami’ah

Question: Assalamualaikum ustaz. Is it sunnah for an imam to announce assolatul jami’ah to the [...]

#92: Paying More Than What is Owed

Question: Assalamualaikum ustaz. If a person pays more than what he owed, is it considered [...]